Watched two movies about death:

Dr. Joe Darrow(Kevin Costner) starts seeing strange phenomenon through his paitent near death experience after losing his wife by the bus accident. He thinks that is sign from his dead wife to contact him to try to tell him something very important. Joe leaves for South Africa to search his wife..

I told you it's a Zombi movie, but there is no zombi in this movie. Herbert West(Jeffrey Combs), a delicated student shot green potion into dead body to revive. His study is quite a successful, but the resurrected corpes have violent temper and act like zombies..

These two movies have totally different background, setting and narration, but they descrive 'after death'.
It was also interesting to talk with you about 'the way how we bury in funeral'. You(or Japanese) likes to burns to ashes, but I like to bury. There are many kinds of way for burial. Are they for people still live or people who passed away? or Both?
What will happen after death? It is still far from my life. I've never imagined my death, but I am curious what is next after death.
This is one of big question of human that never proved yet.

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