View from my hotel room.
Getting dark and went to my favorate restraunt in Nuremberg.

Nice dusk on a church

The church you can see in the previous photo is ② in the sightseeing guide.
The red arrows indicates where my favorate restraunt is.

Way to the Huett'n
I know this area very well now. So I took a shortcut.

Menu for drinks
Normally we order some beers before main dish.

What shall I dirnk for tonight?

Beer in Germany is always good.

Menu for main dish

Ordered a BIG stakes (beef, pork, chicken) w some potatoes and my favorate smoke beer, Schlenkerla.
It was too big to finish. but the taste was really good.
Douglas, my colleague ordered schnitzel, a calf cutlet.

There are some reasons that I love this place.

1. People in Huett'n are very freindly and kind. Normally old styled restraunt is very kind to customers.
Whenever I visit here, owner of this restraunt remembers me.
Isnt it excited someone in foregin country remembers me?

2. I can drink Schlenkerla, the smoke beer here. If you want Schlenkerla, then you should go Bamberg.
I need to drive an hour to get there from Nuremberg. but you can order Schlenkerla in Huett'n.

3. Huett'n is always crowed by many people. You may sit with strangers to share your table sometimes.
I like it. Because I always like to meet new people.
I am an Asian and people are curious about the purpose of my trip and my background.
That's how we start talking.

4. Food from here is always big!
If you are hungry, then you should go Huett'n.

5. You can try 'one more drink'.
When you drink several drink already. Before leaving the restraunt, if you want to drink a little bit more,
then you can say, 'ein mal schnitz'.
I am not sure about spelling.  'ein mal' means 'one time'.
Then the owner gives you 1/3 or 1/2 drink for free.
This is old custom in Germany, but nowadays it is not easy to find such offer.
I asked 'schnitz' just to experience. Isnt it nice?

playing w drink coasters

A show window of Huett'n

a sign board of Huett'n
Huett'n means 'hut' in English.

After dinner, it was already dark outside.

Found funny glass cover on the road. I can see stairs through the window.

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새벽에 라면!
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