Can you see a high building on the right in the first photo? That is a place where held an event cache 'Colorful Daegu 2008'.
I was not late for the event though I climbed a moutain in the morning to find a cache.

There are already some attenances dirnking and talking.

Name tags for guests

Trading TB
Can you see a Yellow book on the right? That is a trackable item, too. It is moved cacher by cacher.
Because the size of the book is too big to put it in a cache container.

It's collection of New Yorker.

New Yorker's the first private geocoin

My favorite geocoins among his collections

This is the first geocoin.
New Yorker is very proud of this historic coin.
He says 'Wherever you can find this coin, you should go and get it.'

Tourist's map of Korea for foreginers

New Yorker's Name cards
They are also trackable. How creative he is!

View from the meeting place

Can you see how many people are there?
It was good to meet people who has same hobby. We greeted with each other and shared information about GC.

Awarding of a plaque of thanks

They are writing something. I didnt understand what they are doing at first.
They make a list of geocoins 'to discover it'. I will tell you more about trackable items later.

Funny travel bugs.
I love TB that has its own story.

He, himself is a TB.
He will trevel all over the world and I can track him by tracking Nr. on the official website.

Golf contest.
Shoot the hole & get a TB in the hole.
New Yorker shows how to do. I won a TB in this contest.
In fact, I couldnt put the ball in the hall, but in the beginning of the contest, there were less competition and New Yorker just gave it to me.

It was very windy and cold. Around the hole there is a warp.
It was not easy to put the ball in the hole.
I was so lucky to get an un-activated TB easily without competition.
I can be the owner of the TB and I will send somewhere in Europe to return to Tokyo finally.
I already ordered Garukun and I am looking forward to activating the new TB.

After the small events, we made a photo for memorial.
It was the first time to attend such an event cache.
I learned many things and I was happy to meet people who also loves Geocaching.

by 마에노 | 2008/11/17 16:33 | + Life | 트랙백 | 덧글(13)
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☞ 내 이글루에 이 글과 관련된 글 쓰기 (트랙백 보내기) [도움말]
Commented by 유레카 at 2008/11/17 17:15
new experience !~~
Commented by 마에노 at 2008/11/17 17:26
전국에 있는 초절정 고수님들을 직접 알현할 수 있었던 좋은 기회였습니다.
Commented by 하마군 at 2008/11/17 17:27
무슨 남아프리카에서 피랍된 선원같이 나왔네요 XD

Commented by 마에노 at 2008/11/17 17:47
다음에 뵐 때는 더 이쁘게 찍도록 하겠습니다. ^-^)>
Commented by 후니쭈니 at 2008/11/17 18:32
잘 보았습니다. 만나서 반가웠구요.
Commented by 마에노 at 2008/11/17 19:55
후니쭈니님, 만나서 반가웠습니다.
블로그에 문의 글 남겼습니다. 답변 부탁드립니다.
Commented by 포도알 at 2008/11/17 18:59
정말 좋은 경험이었을 듯 합니다. 네임카드 TB가 신기하군요. 그리고 골프홀에 TB를... 색다른 방법이군요. TB획득도 축하드립니다.
Commented by 마에노 at 2008/11/17 19:56
포도알님, 감사합니다.
대구 이벤트는 초보인 저에게 좋은 경험이 되었습니다.
Commented by 림이아빠 at 2008/11/17 22:58
잘 봤습니다. 외국인이 더 많네요 ^^
Commented by 마에노 at 2008/11/18 15:27
국제적인 행사라서 더더욱 좋았습니다.
Commented by Germarican at 2008/11/18 03:08
thank you for sharing, I almost feel like we were there :-) looks like a great group of cachers!
Commented by 마에노 at 2008/11/18 15:29
Thank you for your visiting my blog. Hope to see you in next event.
Commented by Jiho Kim at 2012/12/25 20:11
4년이 지난 지금 다시 보니 감회가 새롭네요...

:         :


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